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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

Developing conversation as a skill is an essential element of being a leader in business today.

The conversational tools that are taught with Courageous Conversations provide an actionable framework to change your approach to the conversations that impact your results and become the behaviour that propels individuals and organisations toward success.

Why conversations? We believe that success or failure occurs, gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time. With the tools and approach we teach, you will gain the ability to move your conversations and relationships towards success, address pressing issues, make high stakes decisions, solve costly problems, design winning strategies, evaluate opportunities and generate significant results. This is true whether you are managing people, developing future leaders, implementing key initiatives, growing and maintaining customer relationships, or trying to work effectively within your own team and workstreams.

Our Courageous Conversation models teach you how to have effective communications, regardless of what type it is, what the stakes are, or when it happens. This is because we know that the conversations that will create change don’t often send an advance invitation, and key conversations aren’t always—nor do they need to be—confrontations.

Source : Fierce Conversations