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The Ideal Workplace

The right ingredients are clear:

  • High morale, low turnover.
  • Connected leaders with connected employees.
  • Discovering the needs of your employees and giving it to them.
  • Driving high emotional intelligence within your leaders. It’s about a relationship with their team, not facts and figures.
  • Managing your talent and ensuring the values of your employees are aligned with the values of your organisation.
  • Great leadership development that truly enables leaders to lead with integrity.

“But I’m too busy managing my business!” I hear you say? You have no business if you have no customers. Customers stick because of the people they deal with. When good people leave, so do your customers.

As businesses grow so do the people within them and it’s important to keep up with this, provide development and ensure that you can retain your key talent. Employees expect to work with leaders who know how to have personal development conversations, provide honest feedback and is someone they can turn to for assistance and guidance. If you don’t have leaders with these skills, it will cost your business money in the long run.

In February 2011, McKinsey Quarterly published an article, which identified the 3 Steps to Building a Better Top Team:

  1. Get the right people on the team . . . and the wrong ones off.
  2. Make sure the top team does just the work only it can do.
  3. Address team dynamics and processes.


At Unified Consulting Group, we ensure you develop and maintain the right people, build the right team environment and address the things that may be holding back success.

High turnover, low morale and any level of ‘presenteeism’ (present employees who aren’t actually working!) are all hidden costs that are hard to diagnose.

In the end, these under-the-surface problems cost your business valuable profits, customer retention, loyalty, industry perception and ultimately… your own success and happiness!