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“I recently had the pleasure of attending a 2 day High Performing Teams course hosted by Alicia Jarrett. The course curricula was standard & appropriate however what set this apart from many previous team development and leadership courses I have been involved with in the past was the dynamic and highly engaging style of Alicia.

At no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”. Even after breaks/lunch, Alicia was able to evoke a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. This is the benefit from having a practitioner conduct the training, with appropriate experience, as opposed to a non- practicing “instructor”.
Alicia, thank you for your insight, enthusiasm & commitment to the course.”

- Aaron McMurray, Director Cummins South Pacific

“Alicia brings genuine distinction to her work. Her approach is universally positive and upbeat and above all she is INTERESTED in people. Her ability to form strong relationships provides her with a natural ability to work as a key strategic HR/OD partner as part of any leadership team. Added to her wide-ranging HR capability is the understanding she has of wider contexts. In this respect Alicia has experience in, and an appreciation of, wider Regional and International business contexts. I would recommend Alicia unreservedly as a well-rounded HR practitioner and versatile coach.”

- David N, Director, The Change Partnership Pty Ltd

“I have worked with Alicia for the past 2.5 years in her capacity as HR manager for the Adelaide office of Dimension Data, which is part of a broader region covering Victoria and Western Australia.

My experience with Alicia has always been a positive and very professional experience. The most outstanding part of this has been the personal, consistent and pragmatic experience I received each time we engaged.

Alicia has a very proactive and engaging approach which makes you immediately feel comfortable and confident. Difficult personnel issues often make managers feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. Alicia has a knack of breaking the issue down to basic elements and quickly getting to the heart of the matter, therefore making it easier to address for the manager; all the while providing very sound and timely support for the manager in uestion.

One of my experiences with Alicia related to a non-work related issue which was causing me some personal anxiety. I really needed someone to validate the thoughts and approach I had to the issue, but required someone I trusted.

I felt very comfortable opening up to Alicia to seek some coaching on the matter. What I received was a very empathetic person, listening carefully to the problem, providing reassurance as to the approach being considered. Something I did appreciate from this coaching experience was the ability for Alicia to assist me in doing some self-reflection. Specifically, what role did I have in the position I found myself in and what could I potentially do to address that, if there was an opportunity.

This aspect of the coaching experience was quite confronting, yet very easy to accept and take on; this was largely due to the rapport that had been established between Alicia and me.

I would work with Alicia at any opportunity afforded and would endorse Alicia and her coaching ability to anyone seeking it.”

- Grant H, State Manager SA, Dimension Data

“In my role managing a consulting practice, Alicia’s guidance and insight into team dynamics and individual behaviour were vital in maximising the effectiveness of my team. Alicia was key in helping turn isolated incidents of counter-productive individual performance into positive team outcomes. Alicia has the ability to quickly get to the core of an issue, understand what’s required to turn it around, and follow up with monitoring of progress and ongoing assistance. And does it all with a smile!”

- Jeff P, Director, PwC

“Alicia Has been my coach since we were introduced back in June 2009 by a mutual friend…

When I was thinking about coaching, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I would need someone who could understand my thinking process and in Alicia, I found that she was able to engage and connect instantly on any topic or thoughts I had with such precision and positivity that after each session I was left with a feeling of clarity, whether it was about the vexations I had created for myself or at other sessions realising I had the confidence and ability within myself already but hadn’t wanted to believe it in the past. This has led me to make changes and get closer towards my goals that would have otherwise been placed in the “Too hard basket”. As a coach, Alicia has an ability to make you feel energised and remind you that anything is possible when you tap into your inner wisdom and passions by simply re-evaluating how you perceive yourself and others. Since starting my coaching with Alicia I now look forward to the challenges I thought I couldn’t cope with at work and I have become someone who isn’t scared of trying things I thought I could never do like joining a hockey team which has now opened my world up to new experiences and becoming fitter and healthier after many years of making excuses. Without Alicia I would still be thinking I have no time, abilities nor the insight to experience life differently. To sum Alicia up in a few words would be dynamic, innovative, practical, motivating, realistic and truly genuine and with this in mind, I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone who is seeking a coach who can help them overcome their fears of change and success in whatever it is that you aspire to do or may not be aware of yet. I have tried different methods of self development and this has been by far the most effective for me.”

 - Marisa Z, Sydney, Age 38


“Alicia is a trusted business partner and colleague who can always be relied upon for excellent HR advise, and valued for her relationship management skills and her ability to have the direct conversation.”

- Peta Lyon, HR Adviser, BP Australia

“During the last 18-24 months, Alicia has been providing me with coaching around managing upwards and handling (and planning for) difficult conversations. This additional help has been invaluable to me in achieving career goals relating to promotion and remuneration.

I could confidently say that on every occasion, Alicia has been able to provide me with a fresh perspective on a situation when I have not been able to see the forest for the trees. She has a balanced approach to all interactions and makes you feel completely at ease and relaxed. I generally leave the room or put the phone down feeling a sense of relief or clarity, which is often all I need to be able to get me to my next level of my decision making.

Confidence in my role is of paramount importance and I have found that Alicia manages to enable me to question myself without making me doubt my actions or my thought processes. This is very critical for me personally as I know I have a tendency to be overly self-critical.

I believe that my regular interaction with Alicia is holding me in good stead for my continued personal and professional growth and I feel very privileged that we have such a caring and compassionate person to turn to when we need to.”

- Kerryn D, Project Manager, Dimension Data

“To Whom it may concern (& it should concern us all) Alicia has been my coach since we were introduced back in June 2009. When I was thinking about coaching, I wanted someone who was willingto assist me to grow & become the person I needed to be to achieve what I wanted out of life, and in Alicia, I found exactly that (whata great find). As a coach, she has an ability to understand / inspire & even, to some extent educate me to (a) change my own limiting beliefs & discard some of the ‘old baggage’ I’d been carrying around for what seems like forever, and this has led to some amazing actions that have shaped my life in ways one reads about, but it always seems to happen to ‘someone else’. She has helped me to overcome this with an ease of what seems like simplicity yet I know in my heart without Alicia’s contribution I would still be wallowing in the valley of EXCUSITUS.

This has helped me gain a greater clarity on what I can do, putting me in control of my ‘bus’ so I decide where I’m going & how I’m going to get there, “who’s driving your bus?” showing me the way forward to a more meaningful existence and this has meant a much more fulfilling life for me & my family & my business, my expectations… Lookout World here I come! Get ready to give me what I ask for from the services I offer to others. To sum Alicia up in a few words would be… a waste, the things I could say about this wonderful individual could fill a volume, suffice to say, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING FOR SO LONG? and with this in mind, I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone who is seeking a coach who can help you produce clarity with a vision that is empowering & turns one into a “goal seeking organism’. Grab her while you can!”

- Ky K, Director, Peak Performance Group WA Pty Ltd

“Alicia has always approached problems with an excellent knowledge of good practice with a healthy dose of the real world. She is always willing to provide advice when you are not sure of the right approach and also as a sounding board to make sure that you are not being too harsh. When it comes to difficult conversations with staff, she always treats them with great respect even when the news might not be what they want to hear.”

- Andrew B, Project Services Manager, Dimension Data

“I’ve worked with Alicia for over two years at Dimension Data, and I regard her as a high-impact, positive change agent in our organisation that has a very strong focus on People and Culture, Key Talent Development. She consistently demonstrates optimal balance in her personal and professional approach, and in producing great outcomes from her coaching and mentoring, skills and expertise.”

- Mark T, Southern Region Solutions Manager, Dimension Data

“I worked with Alicia Jarrett at Dimension Data. Alicia is a true professional and has excellent knowledge and capability around HR practices and aligning these to business outcomes.

Her style is truly hands on and is happy to ask the tough questions when needed. As a facilitator she is highly knowledgeable, professional, credible and very engaging to her audience.

I would highly recommend Alicia to any organisation”

- Treasa B, Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Dimension Data

“Alicia has been my coach since we were introduced back in June 2009.

When I was thinking about coaching, I wanted someone who could inspire and motivate me and help me to find clarity and confidence in myself. In Alicia, I found a person who seemed to understand how I worked and treated me with respect to this understanding. As a coach, she demonstrated an ability to not only understand what I was looking for, but provided me with tools to attack my issues and inspired courage, confidence and growth.

This has led to some amazing actions that have shaped my life in ways that are extremely positive. She has helped me to overcome my mental hurdles and gain a sense of clarity and courage about my personal issues that I did not have before.

Words I would use to sum Alicia up would be positivity, confidence, courage and highly approachable. With this in mind, I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone seeking a coach who can motivate them to create a more positive life for themselves. I can genuinely say that I left every appointment feeling confident, happy and energised.”

- Jo R, Melbourne

“I worked with Alicia Jarrett for 4 years at Dimension Data, during which time Alicia held the position of People and Culture Manager, Southern Region. Without a doubt Alicia was the best People and Culture/Human Resources manager I have had the pleasure of working with.

Alicia has an amazing capacity to cover a large amount of work, while making all her interactions feel very personal. Her ability to scale across multiple projects and activities is a great asset, and yet she still has time to offer her assistance to individuals who need just a little more support than usual.

Probably one of the Alicia’s greatest talents is her ability to coach senior management regarding all aspects of people interactions and development. Alicia is totally at ease with people of all backgrounds, and can interact across all levels of an organisation. She is as comfortable coaching a junior staff member as she is driving a hard and difficult lesson home to a senior manager. Alicia’s ability to provide ‘tough love’ to those that need it is an extremely important quality.

Alicia’s support and coaching has allowed me to develop further my people skills as a manager, increasing my value as a manager to Dimension Data. I have no doubt that Alicia will always leave any relationship, personnel situation or company a better place through her professional involvement.”

- Steve F, State Manager, WA, Dimension Data